A series of observations and measurements

Installation, 2014

The works are intervention into the building under repair. Uninhabited and alienated space becomes the laboratory of conceptual experiments with exposure as such. The basic subject of installation is a conceptual framework of abstract sizes, distances and frames, which forms the «sceleton» of every exhibition even before it acquires a concrete material content.

Marking the distances separating windows, walls and niches in the hall, or accentuating the gaps between the ideal right angle and the unevenness of the real physical volume, the artist demonstrates how the rationalizing grid of vision "splits" the world into measurable patterns.

The conceptual component of the project is organically accompanied by romantic artistic gestures. Author uses the techniques of nonspectacular art, creating «supplemented readymades», such as painted shadows in a niche or a white rectangle, barely visible on the white wall. In the anonymous space of construction works, these objects, having no signatures, implies pure potentiality, the possibility (or impossibility) of meeting with art.