Site-specific-installation, 2016
UV printing, ceramic tile, tile glue, automotive varnish

«Tetris» opens a series of works devoted to cultural memory, materializing in the urban historical environment. The basis here is a readymade — an authentic wall of a pre-revolutionary house.

A mosaic of almost eight hundred elements is applied to the brickwork – miniature photofragments of one of the urban facades with windows, from ancient to present-day. Each pattern is taken as evidence of the epoch, its materialised «echo» in our days. As a result, the rich visual context of the city surrounding the viewer is scaled to the size of a single wall, whose plane becomes the assemblage point of various eras.

The main forming principle of the installation is the «Tetris» game. It acts as a metaphor of gradual temporal strata, from earlier in the lower part of the panel to more and more modern in the upper. The installation works as an archaeological section, allowing the historically extended flow of time to be seen as an integrity, concentrated in the architecture material.