Actual moments. One and a half meters from the Earth

Installation, 2016
Photo collage, inkjet printing, found objects

At a story level a photo series depicts a summer vacation with children in a seascape. Each photo fixes the «actual moment», collageing and deconstructing fragments of the picture. The image flakes away in cubism manner, flickers, as if in aberrations.

The author models the work of a memory or an event from the points of view of various witnesses.
The work is an attempt in the medium of photography to convey the psychological practice based on the school of Zen and called the «meeting with the actual moment» by the author. This practise is a kind of skill to pause contemplation, transcend the passage of time, emotionally living a moment in its fullness. For the spatial presentation of this “pause” artist borrows the concept of a musical chord, as if visualizing the music structure.

The horizon line, like an axis, stitches a figurative row of all photos into mosaic continuety, devoid of boundaries. It is complemented by readymades, which play upon images of the surface and depth: bobbers, a pole, a watermelon, cut exactly in the middle, stones from the sea bottom.