Mutual pervasions

Сollage, 2017-2018
Ceramic tile, waterjet cutting, metal, liquid nails, glass, cement solution

A series of collages experimenting with tile setting considered as a lattice structure. Each panel represents a model of the range of vision, divided into segments. It’s a kind of frame structure that pretends to be transparent, like a “crystal”, urging the viewer to look “through” it, focusing on one of the central figures. Each of them implements a specific formal technique — line, digital layer, transparency, reflection, inversion, curvature, erasure. All these techniques are units of visual syntax in the overall context of a series.

Most of the figures imitate the lightness of a gesture or an accident — a graceful stroke, a finger inscription on the misted glass, a spreading spot, a broken mirror, a hung dialog box on the screen. However, each of these passing micro-events is in fact painstakingly recreated in fragile material with the help of complex technical means as a “memorial to the actual moment”. Thus, the work includes two temporal continuum — one is compressed, the other — open in space.

The contrast between the event as such and its materialization is the key to the magic effect of «editing reality» produced by the series.