Installation, 2017

Inkjet printing, paper, glue

Installation was mounted in the inner space of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.
The project continues to use photo miniatures, first appeared in the works-interventions into the urban environment (installation «Tetris»). The megapolis environment here quotes itself, reflecting the reduced architectural fragments in the structure of the brickwork.

The composition imitates visual layers on the brick plane of the wall, spontaneous, as on a bulletin board. At the same time, fragments with images of more present-day elements are being brought to the center, while the older ones surround them, becoming more and more deformed closer to the edges.

The installation is one of the most demonstrative visualizations of the lattice model, referring both to the eye retina and to the pixel structure of the screen, with the division into a central focus of attention and visual periphery with «blind spots».