Beyond the involvement

Installation, 2018
UV printing, expanded clay bricks, found objects

The installation of sculptures and readymades summarizes the experiments with pattern structures. The key visual metaphor of the installation is brickwork. White brick becomes universal «denominator»-substitute of various forms, whether it is a big Soviet encyclopedia, packaging of boxed wine or a wagon of a freight train with oil. Fragments of the urban environment, book covers, icons on the creens of electronic devices form an immaterial skin into which the artist “enclothes” brick parallelepipeds using UV printing.

The first part of the installation appears as a sculpture in the “white cube” space, the second is site-specific, including a buffet table, furniture and household appliances. Turning visible objectivity inside out, the work denudes the microstructures from which its perception is “built”, brings the basic matrix of vision to the surface. This meshwork construction breaks reality into measurable segments, which, like containers, involve human emotions, impressions and sensations.

Fragment of the sculpture “Penetration”

Fragment of the sculpture “Actualization”