Art Collector shop

The Art Collector Shop project exposes the structure of market relations in the world of art, something that often remains hidden from the eyes of the public. The project’s typical artistic context shamelessly lays bare its commercial component. Here the visitor is forced to assess the work within the confines of a market relationship.

The focus of attention moves from the unique work of art to the commercial offer for the set of its distinctive characteristics. Viewers are placed into the position of buyer, and they see all the details of the relationship from that standpoint.

Our buyer is provided with paradoxical products and no less paradoxical means of obtaining them. But they are all part of the critical manifesto of the project – everything is a product!

The sale of air, stones, occurrences, and emptiness has become a hit, which speaks to society’s huge demand for such products.

In buying our art, you are first and foremost buying a unique experience, which in our world today is almost impossible to get for free!

Art! Cheap! Every day!