Year of birth – 1982
Samara, Russia

Andrey Syaylev was born in 1982. He graduated from the Samara Art School. Works as a sculptor, painter, photo and video artist, as well as a street artist. Appears as a curator. Lives in Moscow.
Participant of the 1st Triennale of Russian Contemporary Art (2017), the 5th and 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, the MANIFESTA-10 (2014) and numerous video festivals in Russia and Europe. Solo exhibitions in the Guelman Gallery, Samara Regional Art Museum, Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin

About artistic practice:
The work of Andrey Syaylev is an attempt to materialize the flow of time making out the architectonics of it’s “spatial sections”. Deeply plunging into details, the artist in the experimental series separates various textures, materials and spaces into micronutrients.

The most frequent figures of his works are pattern structures, for example, bricks, tile laying or books. For the artist, they play the role of ideal forms of «compressed» temporality. Brickwork or a multi-volume become as the models of visual meshworks that structure the human perception.
The artist considers his task to transmit to the viewer the skills of adjustment of the specific «depth of field» in perception of reality.

1997- 2001 – Samara College of Art
2008 – 2010 – Samara Teachers University

2003 – The festival of spontaneous video “White Square”. Grand Prix for the film “The Tent” (Samara)
2005 – The exhibition-competition “Open City” in genres of contemporary art. Grand Prix in nomination “Art Project” (Samara)
2005 – The video art exhibition Italy-Russia 6:6, “Amnesiac Arts” gallery in Potenza, Italy
2006 – State Centre of Contemporary Art (Kaliningrad branch) “Tower Kronprince, Second Advent”
2006 – The festival of contemporary art “Shargorod” (Ukraine) 2008 – Non Stop Media (Kharkov, Ukraine)
2008 – Youth biennale “Stop! Who’s coming!?” (Moscow, Era Foundation, CCA Mars)
2008-9 – Chelyabinsk “NO-festival” of video art. Grand Prix for the work “27 abstractions” (Chelyzbinsk)
2009 – The exhibition “Video format [linearity]” (SCCA, Moscow)
2009 – Personal exhibition “Wagonage” (Gelman Gallery, Moscow)
2009 – Program “1/6 plus” as part of the 3rd Moscow biennale (Zurab Gallery, Moscow)
2010 – Project “Plan of Actions” (Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, France)
2010 – Personal exhibition “Synchronisms” (Globus Gallery, Project “Floors”, Saint-Petersburg)
2011 – Personal exhibition “Reading/Drawing” (Samara Art Museum)
2013 – Exhibition “Nothing of The Kind” (as part of the 5th biennale of contemporary art, Moscow)
2014 – Exhibition “Not a Museum” (as part of the 10th biennale of contemporary art “Manifesta”, Saint-Petersburg)
2014 – Exhibition “Quarantine” (Kiel, Germany)
2015 – Exhibition “Remember Tomorrow” (Street Art Museum, Saint-Petersburg)
2015 – Exhibition “Have No Time” (as part of the 6th biennale of contemporary art, Moscow)
2015-16 – Art-director of the festival “VolgaFest” (, Samara)
2016 – Exhibition “City inspare time” (Fragment Gallery, Moscow)